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Welcome to the ATB website!

Dear fellow horn players in Brazil,

Our association is increasingly strengthened. We will work on directing our association to consolidate itself as a cultural promoter, contributing to a better artistic quality for its members and, consequently, for the entire musical class.

We know that we will encounter challenges, but the objectives that motivated colleagues who contributed to the construction of our history, encouraged them and encourage us to move forward.

In this sense, we will look for ways to promote actions that offer members the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge for the development of individual and collective artistic skills. The greater the participation of colleagues / associates, the greater the chances of success in our initiatives, contributing to the professional strengthening and self-esteem of all.

The construction of our society / association begins with ourselves by valuing our actions. Therefore, it is with optimism, enthusiasm and hope that we dedicate time to carry out this mission to enhance our class and raise the horn players in Brazil to an artistic level of excellence.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Board of the Brazilian Association of Trompsitas - ATB


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