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Brazilian French Horn Players Association



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What is?

The Association of Trompistas do Brasil (ATB) was registered in 2013.

It was formed to promote communication between horn players in Brazil and around the world,

seeking to improve the level of performance, teaching and literature associated with the French horn. ATB

is a non-profit organization, funded by its own members.

What does ATB provide to the music community?
ATB carries out numerous activities to promote its mission, producing the digital magazine,

articles, ATB Blog, internal forum and presents annually the Brazilian Meeting of Trompistas

- the largest horn festival in the country, in addition to organizing the competition for young horn players Marcus Bonna, commissioning the new horn literature by eminent composers.

Why should I join?

Don't delay, join ATB or renew your annuity.

When you become an ATB member, you connect with several members from 26 states in Brazil looking to improve the artistic level, teaching / learning and literature of this noble instrument.

As a member you will have access to a variety of benefits, including:
Unrestricted access to the website.
Access to the exclusive forum for members, with access to the Academic Thesis network.

Exclusive discounts at the stands during meetings.

Discounts on registration for meetings.

Annual meeting
The Brazilian Meeting of Trompistas takes place annually in Brazil. In 2017, for the first time, ATB received the IHS (International Horn Society) on national soil, attracting hundreds of people, including artists, exhibitors and students.

During the Meeting we received several artists from different countries, providing participants with an accessible exchange in search of improved performance.

At the Meeting, the sessions include mass warm-ups, recitals, masterclasses, concerts, question and answer sessions, exhibitions and the opportunity to meet old friends and create new ones.

As an ABT member you will receive a discount on registration fees.

Special offers
As an ABT member, you can take advantage of numerous special offers. During the Meeting, ATB offers discounts at the various resellers and distributors at the Stands.

Special offers and discounts are constantly being updated and currently include exclusive offers on MB cases products.

ATB Website
The ATB website is one of the leading French horn websites on the internet. Contains information about all the activities of the association and also the most recent news, events, articles, auditions and so on.


Annuities 2022

Students Annual                                               R$ 150.00


Annual Professional                                         R$ 300.00


Would you like to be an ATB Member?

New members - click here


If you are already a member , proceed with the payment of the annual fee and click here

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